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Loan insurance and the practice of a risky sport: the quad in competition

Sport at risk: the quad in competition

Sport at risk: the quad in competition

The quadricycle, or quad, is a motorized all-terrain vehicle increasingly used as a leisure vehicle. His practice has become a sport in itself and gives rise to high-level competitions.


Real estate loan insurance

Real estate loan insurance


When you apply for a home loan, the bank will require that you take out loan insurance to guarantee the loan and be certain to receive the repayment of the credit despite the occurrence of a risk situation. Loan insurance enables the insurer to cover the loan due dates in the event of the death, disability or incapacity of the borrower. In the case of quad practice in competition, the insurance offered by the bank is not necessarily the most suitable. Prefer the “insurance delegation” because it offers the borrower the possibility of benefiting from a coverage adapted to his individual profile contrary to the “group” contract of the bank which is standard insurance.

Quad in competition: benefit from the most suitable loan insurance contract

loan insurance

The bank may be hesitant to insure you because, by competing quads, you are riskier than the average borrower. If you want to borrow and practice quad in competition, it is recommended that you compare different offers of insurance quad loan to find the individual insurer who will offer the best cover to protect you.

By using a broker specialized in loan insurance, you put all the chances on your side to benefit from the loan insurance that best meets your specific hedging needs. The Bertram broker family.fr can advise you on the best choice you can make in terms of quality of guarantees and insurance prices.

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