Payroll Loan

What is the Payroll Loan?

What is the Payroll Loan?

It is the loan that is deducted directly from the payroll. The installments already go directly from the company to the bank where you contracted the loan.

As the risk of the bank not getting the loan back is quite low, interest rates are also quite low.

It is one of the cheapest loans on the market and can help you a lot if you need to consolidate several more expensive debts into one.

How much can I get from Payroll Loan?

Payroll Loan

This depends on your salary and the bank’s interest rates. The rule is that the installments cannot exceed 30% of their benefit.

Therefore, planning your finances is critical. Is it worth reducing your monthly benefit to gain access to this loan?

Consignment for Retirees and Pensioners

Pensioner loan

Since payments made by the INSS are stable and occur all over the country, there are several payroll loan options for INSS retirees and pensioners, at very low-interest rates.

The interest rate on the personal loan can vary from 2.97% to 17.90% per month (42.08% per year to 621.38% per annum) and the repayment term of the loan is 3 to 24 months. The CET may vary depending on the credit analysis and the number of plots. The CET and all conditions will be displayed before the proposal is formalized. Please check carefully before you digitally sign.

Example: A loan of R $ 3,000.00, paid in 15 times, with first payment 60 days after signature of the agreement and interest rate of 5.99% per month (100.99% per year), will result in 15 installments of R $ 334.69 including tax (IOF) of R $ 68.89. The Total Effective Cost (CET) of this simulation is 6.20% per month (107.95% per year).

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