Credit despite the pledge – cleverly solved – that’s the way it works.

It is not always good luck for you.

But is there such a loan at all? And how can he get started?

Cropping – a warning shot before the crash

Credit despite the pledge – cleverly solved – that’s the way it works

We all know financial problems. Here and there once an invoice can not be settled immediately, because other expenses were more important.

As long as compensation quickly takes place, this also does not pose a major problem. It only becomes critical when accumulate debts that can not be easily settled.

Then it comes quickly to over-indebtedness, which forces the affected creditors to act. If traded in the form of a pledge, this is particularly tragic for the debtor.

Because he can no longer approach his account and can have a maximum of the seizure tax exemption. If there is no P account, then this garnishee exemption must even be applied for.

All other funds are blocked until the debt is settled. No matter if the available money is enough or not.

For many consumers, the pledge stocking is therefore a warning shot, which should be taken seriously. At least now it is time to rethink and reorganize one’s own financial situation.

A loan despite a pledge – utopia or reality?

How can you settle debts better than with a loan? So definitely the mindset of many sufferers.

They hope, with the help of a loan to get the financial misery under control. The debts are combined and then paid in small installments to the bank.

All creditors can be served immediately and the garnishment is dissolved. As simple as the mindset may be, it is difficult to put that step into action.

In addition, the money from the loan is always transferred to the account of the borrower in a free use. By the pledge stocking the creditor would have immediate full access to the money.

A fair distribution would not be possible. Thus, when borrowing from a loan should be used in spite of Kontopfändung otherwise than would actually be the case.

In the best case, not the actual user of the money takes up the loan despite the pledge, but a second person. This would result in various benefits.

The second borrower

A loan despite Kontopfändung can be put into action only with a certain cunning. For example, if, as already indicated, another borrower takes up the loan. This then hands the money to the beneficiary, who can pay his debts with it.

But it is necessary for beneficiaries and borrowers to have a good relationship. It is also advisable to conclude a repayment contract in advance.

Otherwise, the borrower remains seated on the beneficiary’s debt and has to pay for it himself. The advantage of this action is revealed in the creditworthiness of the second borrower.

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In the best case, its account is not affected by a seizure. Once the credit standing is at a high level, the second borrower will be able to take advantage of all the loan offers.

He can thus select a very favorable loan offer, which is based on his interests. If, on the other hand, the debtor were looking for a loan despite a pledge of stock, it would most likely only be dubious offers that would intersect his path, which in the end would not even bring in the hoped-for money.

By contrast, there would be no problems with a solvent borrower.

Other loan options

It would also be possible to take the loan together with a guarantor, despite the fact that it has been pledged. If the guarantor is solvent, the Credit bureau would be balanced.

Only the payment of the money would have to be clarified. In some cases a cash payment is possible.

Mainly for small loans, which are taken on the spot. But also some direct banks offer this option.

In such a case, the borrower receives a check or a withdrawal slip, which must be presented to the post office. This then pays the money.

Another possibility would be the consumer loan at the dealer. This, too, will be possible only with a guarantor because of the plumbing and its negative traces in the Credit bureau.

You do not have to worry about whether the money touches your own account. This will not happen because it will pay for the purchase.

The disadvantage, on the other hand, is that consumer credit can not be used to pay the debt of the creditor.

Do not act lightly

Although one way or another is a good alternative to traditional borrowing, it should not be frivolous. A loan despite a pledge is always an exceptional situation, which must be handled accordingly.

Thus, the loan should only be applied for when it is used for debt repayment. For the purchase of luxury items who is not the right time.

These can again be envisaged when the debt has been settled and the financial situation of the person affected has improved significantly. Furthermore, the loan should only be taken out if there is a chance of a repayment.

Anyone who is unemployed or has such high debts that no country is in sight should not incur further debt through a loan. The situation would only get worse and leave a solution in the distance.

In such a situation, it may be more useful to seek debt counseling than to continue acting headless.